Dad’s Manual Drip Coffee Instructions

My Dad makes the best coffee and he has always used a Melitta manual drip cone filter. I finally managed to track one down yesterday when I was out looking for a new coffee grinder (my old blade grinder bit the dust this week and I was more than happy to replace it with a Krups burr grinder – so nice and easy). Naturally, I called my Dad to get his instructions on how to brew my first cup in my new caffeine set-up.

  1. Grind the Beans: Set the grinder to the finest drip grind (but not as fine as the espresso grind) and grind the amount of beans that you need. I set my grinder to the 6 cup setting and ended up with enough coffee for two big mugs with a little left over.
  2. Fill the Filter and Boil Water: Place a filter in the cone and pour the ground coffee into the filter. Fill the kettle with water and boil.
  3. First Pour: Pour the water into the cone up to the top of the filter. Stir the grounds around and scrape off the sides while the water is filtering through.
  4. Second Pour: Once the first pour has filtered, pour the rest of the water (using a rough measurement to make sure that you have the correct bean to water ratio) right into the center of the grounds.
  5. Drink: When the cone has stopped drinking, remove the filter and pour the freshly ground coffee into your mug. I like to add a bit of 1% milk. Drink and enjoy! Refill!

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