The Glory Bowl

As this blog will attest, I used to cook quite a bit. As the recent lack of attention to this blog will attest, I haven’t cooked quite so much recently. So when I heard that my future in-laws were very happy that I cooked for C and made him eat his vegetables, I felt a little guilty at the undeserved accolades. Or as C put it (rather sarcastically) when he heard this, “Do you?”.
This dish was an attempt to assuage my guilt and put some vegetables in C’s gullet (particularly in advance of his parents coming over for lunch the next day). C was sceptical when I told him what was for dinner. Tofu and shredded beets are not high on his list of favourite foods. However, I explained that the dish was an internet sensation and that a recipe from the Whitewater cookbooks has rarely disappointed. Much to my surprise he agreed to eat it, even more to my surprise he licked his plate clean – tofu, beets and all. There is something magical in the sauce. It may be the nutritional yeast, but yeast doesn’t really sound all that sumptious, so let’s just be vague and stick with “something magical”. Like stand infront of the open fridge with a spoon, slurping sauce from a jar magical. C cleaning his plate full of veggies magical. Make this recipe immediately magical.
So good I was nearly finished before I remembered to take a photo.
Glory Bowl
Serves 8
From Whitewater Cooks
I made this recipe exactly as is. The full recipe can be found here.

One Response to The Glory Bowl

  1. Deirdre says:

    Glad you are back cooking and blogging. Your writing is very entertaining!

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